Snugs Earphones. Part 2: The Review

Continuing from the moulding post in January (which can be found here), In which I described the process which was taken to get the Snugs Earphones into my hot sticky hands. I got my Snugs with the Soundmagic E10 headset.

Snugs Earphones in their box

This is not compulsory with the ‘Snugs’ so if you have your own headset that has replaceable in-ear moulds you can use those as well, if they are compatible with Snugs moulds.


Snugs Moulds

Snugs without the headset attached

Just to recap on what are ‘Snugs Earphones’are, Snugs are earphones that are custom fitted to your ears and ear canal. Because they are custom fitted they will fit perfectly to your ears. You will have increased comfort and greater noise reduction using Snugs.

I have now been using the Snugs for about a month. At first I found them slightly weird when trying to have them fitted, but once I got used to them it became easy and natural to wear. A little guide is provided with the Snugs if you need assistance using them.

Animation for fitting Snugs Earphones. (Animation courtesy of Sungs Earphones)

Animation for fitting Snugs Earphones. (Courtesy of Snugs Earphones)


I have seen, or should I say heard, there is definitely a difference in the sound quality when using Snugs. In the past, I would be having the sound turned right up with my other head phones and earphones. This would include 2 pairs of Sony headphones (MDR-V500DJ and  MDR-ZX300R) and a pair of ordinary JVC Gummy headphones. Now with Snugs it is at the point that if I was to turn it down any lower it would be muted on my iPod. This is good because its a well known fact the louder you have them music of causing damage to your ears which can be permanent.

That is a great point to start with; the next good point is that the quality of sound that when playing audio is clear and crisp. This makes a more enjoyable experience for listening to as you can hear things that you wouldn’t have heard with some of your standard headphones/earphones.

I have taken the ‘Snugs’ out and about walking, running and bouldering (a form of climbing). Since bouldering is a sport in which you have short routes to climb and complete. While doing this task I was expecting the earphones to fall out on some of the routes due to past experiances with other headphones. Snugs are the only earphones that were up to the job!

I next used the Snugs on a 13 mile run. Normally when running the earphones that I normally use either fall out and/or annoy me within the first few miles. With Snugs I ran with no discomfort or fiddling around to get them correctly positioned at all which I found as a great benefit. I have experienced with other in-ear earphones that when sweat starts to build up and gets in and around your ears the earphones tend to come out on their own accord. With Snugs this was not the case, which was a miracle as near the end of runs I tend to sprint the last fifth of a mile to make it feel like I am running a finish line and underneath these conditions the Snugs never fell out.

From these tests I can conclude that Snugs do not fall out during two different types of intense exercise routines that people could use them for.

In conclusion:  The Snugs that I have are fantastic; I would recommend them to anyone who would like to have a comfortable earphone experience, and also encourage people that have trouble with earphones/headphones falling out when exercising to look into getting Snugs to counteract the nuisance of normal earphones.

The Verdict


The Good: Audio quality greatly improved
Comfortable fit and don’t fall out
High quality materials

The Bad: Moulding process feels weird

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    Paul Jobin February 13, 2014 9:41 pm  Reply

    Hi Adrien and Rob,

    Thanks for the review. Most appreciated.

    Regards from the SNUGS team.

    Paul Jobin

    • Rob Alner February 13, 2014 11:14 pm  Reply

      Thanks for allowing us to review your product, we’re both finding the Snugs simply amazing!

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