Dead Rising 3’s Exclusive Golden Sledge Saw DLC

We were lucky enough to have received a code for the very exclusive Golden Sledge Saw DLC for Dead Rising 3 from Microsoft so we decided to show you what it looks like and how you might be able to get one for yourself.

Here is  a quick comparison of what both versions of the Sledge Saw look like:

As you can tell the golden saw certainly does look the part! – Check out our showcase video to see the in-game action.

The Golden Sledge Saw DLC code is very difficult to get a hold of. The only way to get one was to complete the Dead Rising 3 training module over at Microsoft’s training website, Microsoft ExpertZone. The codes were then emailed to the first 5000 retail sales professionals that completed the course, some ended up on ebay and there are still a couple active on our last check.

To gain access to the training resources and the rewards, you have to have your employment status verified by submitting a payslip from a Microsoft authorised retailer.

Showcasing the Golden Sledgesaw:

The golden version of the sledgesaw seems to behave the same as the standard version, although the reward section says differently.
The details over on the ExpertZone page states “If you are one of the first 5,000 members to complete the Dead Rising 3 ExpertZone Course. You will then receive a promo code that you can redeem for a limited edition Golden Sledgesaw, for more power, durability and zombie-killing mayhem!”

Whilst we were streaming with the item we found where we had collect them from, they appear to be unlimited and respawn in the weapon locker available in every safehouse throughout the game. We couldn’t notice any difference in performance when using both versions of the Sledge Saw so it seems to be a purely cosmetic DLC.

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